Month: September 2014

What Do You Love?

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One question I seem to get asked a lot is “What do you do?” and while I had always assumed a simple “I’m a student” would suffice, it turns out my interrogators (or friendly acquaintances?) want a little more than that. They want to know my passions, my talents, and my hobbies, just as I want to know theirs. To questions as great as these, I have very little to say. All my life I […]

Until Next Time Winter

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Having finally had the pleasure of experiencing a real winter, I’m a little disappointed at its being over so swiftly. So many outfits that didn’t get worn and plans that didn’t get put into motion. While the sun attempts to do its thang, I decided to make this mood board to showcase and farewell all the lovelies of winter. And to top it off,  a list of all the adventures the cold allows us to […]