Flirting and Pineapples

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He carefully counted the pineapples on my dress, pointing them out with the excitement and furrowed brow of a small child counting stars. 

And so ends a very (very!) short story about the first time I wore my now beloved Gorman dress.

Acting as both conversation starter and gluten belly concealer, this favourite of my many potato sack dresses, scored me a whole lotta love from both sexes (Oooohh, is that Gorman?) and a rather lovely kiss…

While I often pair it with my trusty RM Williams and faded black Levi jacket, today I tackled the unpredictable Melbourne weather with a transitional outfit: summer (ish) frock, Birkenstock sandals, and a flasher coat (this ones from ASOS).  Finished off with my non-negotiable dark lippie (MAC Darkside for the win!) and a tousled top knot, of course.

Ah Gorman, thank you for making comfy, flirty clothes that remind me of my coastal country roots (pineapples and gingham all the way!)



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