Until Next Time Winter

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Having finally had the pleasure of experiencing a real winter, I’m a little disappointed at its being over so swiftly.

So many outfits that didn’t get worn and plans that didn’t get put into motion. While the sun attempts to do its thang, I decided to make this mood board to showcase and farewell all the lovelies of winter. And to top it off,  a list of all the adventures the cold allows us to have…..

  • Camping! And when I says camping I mean freezing your nips off and listening to rain on the tent camping. Fires on the beach wearing fifty layers and drinking Baileys to keep yourself warm camping. Think sparklers and cigarettes, beanies and blankets.
  • Watching movies whilst curled up in bed and not feeling guilty about staying indoors all day.
  • Being white and not shaving your legs because that shit doesn’t matter in winter! Cover it all up with some long pants and a jumper.
  • Walking outside and being able to see your breath.
  • Drinking mulled wine with my bestest of friends.
  • Spending hours in the kitchen baking cookies to stay warm.
  • Soup as far as the eye can see! (Aka all the cafe menus).
  • Splurging on absolute winter essentials like boots and coats. So much so that you can’t pay your rent. They say life’s full of tough choices.

But even if I have to wait months before I can do any of these things again the feeling is bittersweet. Summer brings with it the promise of a tan and vodka filled watermelons, and who could complain about that!

Ruby xx

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