What Do You Love?

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IMG_2671IMG_8015IMG_8016IMG_8022IMG_2675IMG_2672 One question I seem to get asked a lot is “What do you do?” and while I had always assumed a simple “I’m a student” would suffice, it turns out my interrogators (or friendly acquaintances?) want a little more than that. They want to know my passions, my talents, and my hobbies, just as I want to know theirs.

To questions as great as these, I have very little to say. All my life I thought I loved books but, just a year into my English literature degree, I realised I didn’t love them enough. Now here I am studying fashion merchandising and I still feel restless. I like photography, I’m okay at drawing, and I’m an alright writer, but what do I excel at? What do I really adore doing?

As it turns out, I am majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with nature (and Clueless apparently). On even the windiest, winteriest of days, you can find me braving the cold, going on enthusiastic, pink-cheeked walks around my usually bustling neighbourhood.

The warm wave currently hitting Melbourne has only fueled this love for all things green and outdoorsy. I just want to be outside, wandering, and tanning, and seeking, every moment of the day. Last week I only went to one class, because I literally couldn’t bare the thought of spending potential park time indoors…

Featured above is one of my favourite local nature hangs. Just a 30 minute walk from my house, Abbotsford Convent and its surrounds have everything I need for happiness: Lentils, trees, water, and goats.

Perfect days erryday.

Jessica Xx

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