Month: October 2014

Spring Essentials

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  After mentioning Spring time and florals in my last post I thought I’d do a little follow up with a list of things I thought essential for the season. One thing I did forget to add that should never be forgotten is PawPaw cream. Don’t underestimate that shit. So what’re you actually seeing above? My disposable camera from good old Big W along with my new Daisy Pandora ring and Lacey crop. My beautiful new kimono […]

Fun Times in Floral

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Fashion / Personal Style

Now that Spring is in full bloom I can’t resist a good floral print. This little purple and blue number I was lucky enough to get for free from a garage sale (I’m a big fan of rummaging through other people’s stuff to find some treasures). I had to make a few alterations but I don’t think it turned out too bad. As I’ve mentioned before, Melbourne’s weather is pretty tempremental so I didn’t want […]

Talking to Strangers

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As a kid I, along with the rest of the playground, was constantly warned against talking to strangers. While this may have been sound advice to give a five year old, I am now 21 and ready to rebel… Why? Because talking to strangers could lead to any of the following: A good laugh A book recommendation Friendship Compliments and the boosted ego that come with them Inspirational stories A cute date ;) Directions that will save […]

Girl Crush Time

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Fashion / Life

My latest girl crush unsurprisingly is on the amazing Mimi Elashiry. She’s literally perf. Not just her looks but her whole lifestyle. It’s pretty safe to say I’m obsessed. I could definitely scroll through her blog all day. She’s quite the inspirational gal. You can see more of this lovely lady here and here. Xx Ruby.

Where Does Your Heart Belong?

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Home is where the heart is right? Well lately I’ve been thinking about where it is I call home and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have a cheating heart as I often find myself claiming multiple places. The first is the beautiful coastal town of Lennox Head (in northern NSW) where my family live. Living here often leads me to speak the words ‘I’m from Byron Bay’ when talking to someone not from […]