Let’s Play Pretend

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One of the reasons I love this top is because it makes me feel like I’m playing dress ups, which let’s me pretend like its actually a top from this amazing little shop in Byron Bay called Arnhem. The store has the most beautiful clothing that unfortunately as a struggling uni student I cannot afford. But for the few hours that I wear the top at least I can look like I have the funds.

The one above is a considerably cheaper version purchased from my hometown Lennox Head, which happens to be just down the road from Byron. I’ve teamed it with my black and white printed shorts and trusty Converse for maximum comfort on my outdoor adventure. However its versatilty is endless. Under clothes over clothes, with a bra without a bra. Wear it as you will.

I usually like a nice lipstick to finish it off, with the one featured above my Calvin Klein 320 Velvet. Sticking to my Byron vibes (as that place can provide me with endless inspiration) I’ve worn two of my favourite necklaces purchased in the town itself.

xx Ruby

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