I Bought Another Notebook

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scansToday I made the 3 minute trek to Readings Carlton (my kind of Heaven) to buy yet another overpriced notebook…

While I am now $17 in debt, these 160 pages (bound in surfy cuteness!) are essential to my latest self-indulgent project: documenting my life and all the positive ways in which I hope to grow. Because although I’m convinced that I peaked at eleven (I pretty much ran my primary school), I may as well aim to make my 21st year the best yet!

So what’s this life I speak of and which changes am I hoping to make?


I want to jog, I want to get into yoga, I want to eat more plants and less dairy. I want to make talk (big and small!) with strangers, and explore this state, and country, and world. I want to read novels and the news. I want to drink less coffee and drink more water. I want to take dance classes, join a choir, and see more live music. I may even want to fall in love.

And then I want to write all these dreams/plans/stories/plots in a pretty lined book, ready to dig out in twenty years time when I’m trying to relate to my teenage daughter.

Here’s to inviting change and embracing experiences! And developing my handwriting skills via daily journaling!

Do you keep a journal? We’d love to hear all about it!

Jess xx

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