Layer It Up.

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As a recent addition to Melbourne I’m still getting used to its four seasons in one day approach to weather. A thing that’s becoming a habit to help me combat the ever changing temperatures is layering. Singlets under shirts under jumpers under jackets. And now that tying things around your waist is acceptable (where was that trend when I needed it in primary school!) its as simple as peeling off a layer when the sun comes out.

One of my favourite things to wear on one of these such occasions is my white button up collared shirt. Because what’s the point of layers if nobody can see them I say. You’re being practical as well as looking good. Get too hot and BOOM off comes the jumper and down go the buttons (down…out..whatever direction it is that buttons go when they’re undone). You can go from a wintery rugged up look to a casual spring time outfit in seconds.

So really my advice to all those looking to fabulously conquer Melbourne’s seasons is transitional clothes. Your basics. White tees, thin jumpers and light jackets. Put it all together and you’re warm enough to brace the cold. Then just take it apart when the sun comes out.

Above are a few outfits I thought would make the Melbourne weather cut that I’ve sourced from trusty the tumblr and Pinterest.

Xx Ruby

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    Basics are the best, period. Beautiful street style pictures!! <3


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