A Word About Walking

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IMG_8124IMG_2678IMG_8126I walk. A lot. 

This is partly due to poverty (I’m not wasting coffee coins on public transport!), and partly due to my irrational fear of bikes. But mostly, I just like like walking.

I like the way it clears my head before sitting in the uni computer lab for hours. I like the way it can be classed as exercise, so I feel less guilty on those (many) days of skipping my workout. I like people watching, and tree appreciating, and cat spotting. I like carrying my KeepCup takeaway soy latte, feeling busy and purposeful. I like walking so much that I don’t mind leaving 40 minutes earlier to make an appointment, or running that last 200 metres when I don’t allow enough time.

With all of the above (much like, such walk), comes a responsibility to my body and making it as comfortable as possible. After a year of crossing the city in inappropriate shoes, my knees and ankles know what it is to be strained, while my poor feet are covered in scars left by blisters. This pain I defiantly endured has now been resolved through the purchase of my beloved RM Williams boots. Comfy, versatile, and outback appropriate, these shoes were made for my city explorations, allowing me to stroll the days away without upsetting my legs.

Other walking essentials include clothes that won’t flash the world on windy days (jeans are a safe option), layers that can be tied around your waist, and a backpack for carrying the essentials: Wotnot 30+ SPF, water, fruit, papaya ointment, a pen, and a notebook.

Above is a standard Jessica-be-walking outfit. The jeans are Dejour, the shirt is ancient Cotton On, and the backpack was $20 from a Victoria Market stall. Double denim (ish) for the win!

Have a great day!

Jess xx

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    Great post!! Walking is the best. I love how you pull off the denim on denim <3


  2. I love this :) I did some calculating and I walk about 2 hours everyday which makes me feel less guilty about my once a year gym trips


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