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The humble boyfriend jeans. My opinion on these pants has gone on a long journey to finally arrive at a love affair. So much so that I even have two pairs of them same jeans in different colours for maximum wear.

At first glance I was not impressed. Too baggy, no shape, didn’t do any favours for my bum but I’m not ashamed to admit that they’ve won me over. I had to try a fair few different styles to find ones that suited me, however it was well worth it. They’re especially perfect to match my new Melbourne setting.
As Jessica pointed out she loves a good walk (a decent amount more than me most of the time) which in turn means I need to be prepared. My boyfies are the number one solution, comfortosity to the max!

Lately I’ve been enjoying pairing them with loose, boxy tops. My stripey tee above is a favourite I picked up at an op shop that’s super oversized for when I’m going for casual and versatile. And of course to finish it up my trusty Converse.

Also, just a heads up my Mimco watch is a piece that’ll feature it’s rose gold face in many a photo on this blog.
A girl’s gotta stay on time.

Xx Ruby


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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    i’m so jealous of you – i haven’t found my pair of boyfriends yet!! they’re all too baggy / frumpy on me sadly :( you look gorgeous though and you’ve inspired me to keep searching <3

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