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Adventures / Happenings

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According to Instagram.

So what are you seeing?

1. Jessica’s oldest friend, Annelies, turned 21, so her little sister (and photographer extraordinaire!), Mollie,  took some celebratory snaps of the girls rocking their party frocks.

2. Numerous op-shopping trips were taken, resulting in summery outfits like this.

3. Melbourne has been uncharacteristically consistent weather-wise, with lots of sunshine. This warm weather calls for days spent in the Edinburgh Gardens eating yummy raw sweets from Yong Green Food.

4. Jessica rediscovered a bunch of Ayurveda books and has since been educating herself on the traditional Hindu medical system. Expect more on the blog soon!

5. Also on the bookshelf is Lena Dunham’s memoir, Not That Kind of Girl. A must-read that hits freakishly close to home!

6. Jessica has basically been living at Abbotsford Convent and it’s surrounds. Here is a picture of her housemate, Meg, making friends with one of Collingwood Children’s Farm’s goats.

7. Ruby has been in Melbourne for 2 months, hence the friendship selfie.

8. On a 28 degree (!!!) day, Jessica headed to Sorrento to swim and sun. The landscape (seascape?) was so different from home, but beautiful nonetheless. The water was bone achingly cold, but she still swam for hours.

9. This cat was spotted in the window of one of the many gorgeous North Carlton terrace houses. She’s wearing the cutest crocheted collar, hence the photo.

10. Jessica’s former housemate and good friend, Angie, is back from a year studying in Copenhagen, so many hangs have been happening.

You can follow our daily adventures on Instagram.

Say hi to Ruby at @rubyylewis and g’day to Jessica at @onlyogresknow

What have you been up to?


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