Where Does Your Heart Belong?

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Home is where the heart is right?
Well lately I’ve been thinking about where it is I call home and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have a cheating heart as I often find myself claiming multiple places.

The first is the beautiful coastal town of Lennox Head (in northern NSW) where my family live. Living here often leads me to speak the words ‘I’m from Byron Bay’ when talking to someone not from around there. Because who doesn’t know where Byron is.
I think I would say Lennox is my true home as it holds most of my heart. I haven’t lived there my entire life, but enough to not be able to imagine my life without it now. The sun, the sea and the relaxed vibe of the town are what I crave now that I’m no longer there. Not wearing shoes anywhere and watching whales from the kitchen window are things I used to almost take for granted and now appreciate more than ever.



The second place is the equally beautiful but extremely different Adelaide Hills. Fresh eggs from the chickens and koalas on the driveway have claimed another significant portion of where I consider my home. I grew up there on the family farm amidst  never ending gum trees and scorching summers until I was 12. My grandpa stills owns the same 100 acres so going back there still feels like going home. Theres always millions of memories surfacing and I know that a piece of me will always belong there bushwalking, making bonfires and picking mulberries.




I also have some homely feelings for Brisbane and Melbourne after my short times living in each.
But in addition to all these places, I can honestly say I would feel at home wherever I am as long as my family is there. Whether it’s at the beach or in the bush, my family is my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Strangely enough all of this pondering was brought on by being in Melbourne during the AFL grand final. Wondering whether to tell people I was a supporter because I’m originally from South Australia, or instead an NRL gal because I’m from NSW.

Xx Ruby.

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  1. Nice post! I think I have my heart in multiple places too. Some I’ve not even visited yet! Despite living in Brisbane my whole life it doesn’t really feel particularly “homey” to me. I think it’s all the people, I much prefer quite places!

    x Erin


    • I can definitely relate to feeling at home in places I’ve never visited before!
      If you’re from Brisbane and enjoy quiet places you should definitely check out Lennox Head one day. I think you’d love it. Xx


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