Let’s Get Matchy Matchy

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When it comes down to it, there’s not much cuter than a matching set. Whether it’s a pants, skirt, jacket or top combo I’m a total sucker for a good co-ordinate. Printed ones are a fave of mine but which ever you chose to wear you’re bound to inspire outfit envy in more than one passerby.

My boyfriends initial reaction when i brought home my first set was ‘you’re not going to wear them together are you!?’ But the magic of the co-ords won him over (not that i really cared what he¬†thought).
I was hesitant at first to delve into the world print-on-print but once i did there was no going back. So my advice to those who are still unsure of wearing sets, just do it!
Above are some of my fave sets with the list below corresponding to each image. The links to the websites are in bold!

1. Top, Pants and Dress from Finders Keepers Stronghold Collection.

2. The Arizon Sarong and Crop from Sunrise to Moonshine.

3. Floral Painting Gingham Organza Set from Pixie Market.

4. Cameo the Labels blazer and shorts from the Tokyo Story Collection.

5. Arnhem Shira Fall shorts and Kimono in Marrakesh print.

6. MissGuided’s Blessing Geometric Shorts and Calli Geometric Blazer.

Are you a fan of matching sets?

Ruby xx

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