Talking to Strangers

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As a kid I, along with the rest of the playground, was constantly warned against talking to strangers. While this may have been sound advice to give a five year old, I am now 21 and ready to rebel…

Why? Because talking to strangers could lead to any of the following:

  • A good laugh
  • A book recommendation
  • Friendship
  • Compliments and the boosted ego that come with them
  • Inspirational stories
  • A cute date ;)
  • Directions that will save hours of being lost

All of which are fabulous.

So next time you find yourself sharing a smile with a tram stop stranger, try striking up a conversation. Unless that they’re wielding a knife and shady stare, in which case, just run.

Jess xx

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A fashion blog founded on friendship.

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  1. wwalford says

    Reblogged this on A collection of all things amazing and commented:
    Fantastic view on strangers. Just because we were taught something at 5 does not mean it applies now. With a small amount of discretion we can enhance our lives and those around us by just sharing a few words with a stranger… (But please do not tell everyone your life story about your 10 million partners and your lovely pet monkey… Thanks)


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