Month: November 2014

Hello and Welcome Aboard

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Wake, stretch, write over a prolonged breakfast and multiple cups of tea, job hunt, dance in the lounge room, more job hunting, work, eat, read, sleep.  This is my current routine, one that I soon hope to turn into wake, work, sleep, then, eventually, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia… Until then I’ll continue devouring the travel section at Readings, and rocking outfits reminiscent of far off places. Enter this shirt I picked up at a local op-shop. I chose […]

Other Peoples Wardrobes Are More Fun

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  Why is it that other peoples wardrobes are always more fun? I have two younger sisters and as a child playing dress ups was one of my favourite games (truth be told it still is, maybe that’s why I wear make up and love clothes so much!). My siblings were like my own living breathing dolls. Playing dress ups didn’t just mean picking my outfit, it also meant telling them what to wear. As […]

Girls in the World

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  The beaming blonde in the photos above is my cousin, Nandi. Tomorrow she is embarking on yet another overseas adventure, taking her enthusiastic smile and killer kitchen dance moves across the globe to Canada (with a long-desired detour through the Californian desert). While it’s sad to see my most sisterly of humans and favourite dress-up doll leave, I know she is going to have the most incredible time. Her eagerness to see the world […]

Lazy Sundays

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Lazy Sundays to me bring back memories of my family’s old beach shack. Waking up next to my brother and sisters to the sound of the ocean. Running downstairs and opening the giant curtains to reveal the window that doubled as the front of the house. Grass, sand and waves were all our little eyes could see. Lying on the daybeds bathed in sunlight and spending hours reading my favourite book.  Those are my ideal weekends. […]

Fashion on Film: P.S. I Love You

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Please can I be chased around an Irish pub by a singing Gerard Butler? We’ll have the most perfect first kiss ever to be created by two strangers, then we’ll get married and live in a rustic cottage, surrounded by sheep and greenery and lake. Actually, if I’m going to steal Holly’s love story, I may as well steal her wardrobe too. That girl can dress, even if her Marc Jacobs is from Minneapolis. All photos […]

Well Dressed Drama

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  If there’s one show I would do something insanely embarrassing to be on right now it’s CW’s Reign. Not only am I in love with the King of France (aka Toby Regbo, he is soo gorgey with his curls and dreamy eyes), but the costumes are literally to die for! I have much love for a good period piece but this one seriously takes the cake fashion wise. The designer dresses are clearly a bit […]

A Day Trip to Warrandyte

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In a city of notoriously inconsistent weather, Sunday seems to be consistently sunny. For the past couple of weeks I have been embracing the 29, 30, 31 degree days of rest, cajoling my housemates (and their cars!) into beachy road trips and country walks. The Sunday captured above involved a bus ride to the nearby town of Warrandyte. Zoe was my travel buddy, and together we explored the cute strip of boutiques, before venturing out into […]

Gingham Is Life

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I’d like to take this opportunity to express my undying love for the one and only Kmart. I’d wanted gingham pants for so long and Kmart finally delivered the goods, and for only $15! They’re super comfy and perfect to throw on for those weird days when you don’t know what to wear. They could be a little more high waisted but I guess you can’t have everything. This combined with my struggle to bare […]