A Day Trip to Warrandyte

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In a city of notoriously inconsistent weather, Sunday seems to be consistently sunny. For the past couple of weeks I have been embracing the 29, 30, 31 degree days of rest, cajoling my housemates (and their cars!) into beachy road trips and country walks.

The Sunday captured above involved a bus ride to the nearby town of Warrandyte. Zoe was my travel buddy, and together we explored the cute strip of boutiques, before venturing out into the state park for a dip in the Yarra and a picnic surrounded by trees. We rolled on home at 6pm, exhausted with happiness, feeling like a kid after a busy day at school camp, all sun-kissed and sleepy and blissful.

While I love Melbourne life, it’s nice to know there are pockets of nature nearby.

Victorians, please let me know of any other day trip opportunities! Summer is near and I’m ready to explore.

Jess xx

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