Lazy Sundays

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Lazy Sundays to me bring back memories of my family’s old beach shack. Waking up next to my brother and sisters to the sound of the ocean. Running downstairs and opening the giant curtains to reveal the window that doubled as the front of the house. Grass, sand and waves were all our little eyes could see. Lying on the daybeds bathed in sunlight and spending hours reading my favourite book.  Those are my ideal weekends.

Typically Sunday meant the whole family sitting down to a massive lunch together. Nowadays my Sundays mostly involve working but I occasionally get the day off. When this happens top knots and tousled curls come out to play along with loose shirts and no bras. Maximum comfort for minimum activities.

Above are some images from my Tumblr that visually bring to life my ideal weekend.

What do you like to do on a Sunday?

xx Ruby

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