Other Peoples Wardrobes Are More Fun

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Why is it that other peoples wardrobes are always more fun?

I have two younger sisters and as a child playing dress ups was one of my favourite games (truth be told it still is, maybe that’s why I wear make up and love clothes so much!). My siblings were like my own living breathing dolls. Playing dress ups didn’t just mean picking my outfit, it also meant telling them what to wear. As the older sister I had the birth right to delegate the costumes.

It’s annoyingly often that I buy a new item and learn to love it so much that i can’t imagine what I even wore before its purchase. Unfortunately this new love pushes out the old ones and before long all I’m left with is that one new top. Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration as some of my clothes I’ve worn for years (literally), but I do get bored with my wardrobe sometimes. Which leads me to Jessicas. As you would have all noticed by now she’s quite the well dressed gal pal so playing with her clothes is like a flashback to my past days of exciting new materials and accessories.

Consequently, the outfit featured above is hers. The top is from the brandNinie and makes me feel like a bit like a pirate. I love off the shoulder tops even if they’re slightly annoying when you want to put your arms up. This ones particularly pretty with its frilly sleeves. The black skirt is from Free People and is one of the comfiest skirts Ive ever worn. Sadly for me (and all of you that love it as much as I do) it’s out of stock but one can never give up hope. You can’t go wrong with a good legs split, made even better with a little bit of lace.

Do you love wearing your friends clothes too?

xx Ruby


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