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Wake, stretch, write over a prolonged breakfast and multiple cups of tea, job hunt, dance in the lounge room, more job hunting, work, eat, read, sleep. 

This is my current routine, one that I soon hope to turn into wake, work, sleep, then, eventually, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia

Until then I’ll continue devouring the travel section at Readings, and rocking outfits reminiscent of far off places. Enter this shirt I picked up at a local op-shop. I chose it for the cut and print, before being informed by many passers by that a) it is really rad and b) it is totally part of an airline uniform (Singapore?) Vair appropriate, methinks.

Here I’m pairing my travel top with a pair of Dejour jeans and my trusty Birkenstock Arizonas. 

Have you got travel plans? We’d love to hear all about them!

Jess xx


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A fashion blog founded on friendship.


  1. I feel you! I’m jobless at the moment too hahah. I love your chic outfit though!
    I hope you have a lovely December the first and remember that Christmas is only 24 sleeps away!!
    Much Love,


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