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I couldn’t count on ten hands the amount of times I’ve been out clubbing and thought “how does she even move in that thing?’. Most of the time the answer is she doesn’t because all she can do is sway from side to side whilst being constricted by tight clothing. Meanwhile I’m crumping it up on the D floor in my go to comfy clubbing clothes.

Don’t get me wrong that’s not to say I have anything against tight clothes or that I don’t wear them out myself, but sometimes (and increasingly often) I just need to let loose. In exactly that, loose, baggy clothes.
These printed pants above from Naughts & Crosses are the perfect choice on such occasions. The gathered waist means I avoid looking frumpy and larger than life whilst still letting me do my thang. Whatever that thang may be.

In these piccies I wasn’t going for maximum looseness, so have paired them with my standard One Way pu crop. It dresses the pants up a bit to avoid a do I look like I’m wearing my pajamas fiasco.

xx Ruby

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