Op-Shopping Aw Yeah

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Jessica is saving for a trip through Asia.

Ruby is just a tight arse.

Op-shops baby. They’re our kinda heaven, and a wonderful option for all you budget conscious fashionistas (and fashionistos!), providing inexpensive alternatives to the usual big retailers. See ya later Topshop and hellloooooo Vinnies!

Op-shopping is also just way more fun than regular shopping. Trying to sort the good from the bad can be a hilarious experience, especially when the bad is a crotchless pleather jumpsuit with leopard print piping (write that story!) Trawling through the the seemingly endless racks of stained, shrunken duds can be gruelling, but this only makes those standout items more satisfying. It’s a good ol’ rose amongst the thorns situation, and we thrive on it!

Other exciting op-shop situations you may soon find yourself in? Spending $20 on an entire outfit, finding a Burberry trench (mint condish) for a measly hundred, and discovering that the size 28 sack hanging in the plus-size section actually looks like a vair sophisticated dress on.

Above are a few recent op-shop purchases. Jess found the this 100% silk blouse for a more-than-reasonable $4, and is pumped about rocking it with boyfriend jeans, messy hair, and an outback red lip. The skirt was picked out by Ruby for Jessica, who was, again, very excited (and grateful), because it is flattering and fun and a little Gorman-esque. Re-freaking-sult.

Are you an enthusiastic op-shopper/thrifter/charity shop dweller? Any particularly fab purchases? Share your stories below.

All the love,

Jessica and Ruby


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