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One Monday, a few months ago, Nandi and I took to the road in search of a story.

As a journalism student, Nandi needed to film a report of something happening locally, so we ventured out to her local area, the place she grew up in, Castlemaine. I was her companion, map reader, and cameraman, as well as car DJ- we drove through the country side screaming along to Under Pressure. 

Our trip took us through Bendigo (where we found cacti!), then Maldon (where it’s Christmas all year round!), then to Baringhup, where we found a general store, a caravan park, and a passionate community banding together to fight the proposed chicken broiler farms that threaten their town. We found our story, a story we really care about!

If you’re interested in following Baringhup’s battle against a proposition that threatens not only local tourism and the environment, but promotes the atrocious factory farming industry, click here.

All the love,

Jess xx



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  1. Just found your blog, and I love these pictures! Its cool to see a little of the Victorian road trip scene (I’m from Qld) and the interesting stories you can find while on the road!


  2. Photos photos photos. Argh they’re so gorgeous! They have that definite road trip feel to them and make me wish I had someone to drive around singing at the top of my lungs with!
    x Erin


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