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LISTENING// Jess: I have a not-so-secret crush on Canadian Mac DeMarco, his dungarees, gap teeth, and, most of all, joyous melodies. Seriously, this guy is pure joy. I’m seeing him in February so I’ll be enjoying a playlist of solid Mac tunes until then. It’s pretty hard to decide on a favourite (they’re all so darn good!), though Let Her Go always gets me smiling/lounge room dancing, and I’d never boil the kettle during Let My Baby Stay. Start there and you’ll be hooked. 

Ruby: Unlike Jess I have a bad habit of listening to my favourite one or two songs from a band and not enjoying the rest of the album to its full potential. But lately I’ve been loving the Australian band Sticky Fingers. Their songs often make me think of summer nights in Lennox drinking on the beach, and what more could a girl want. I think my most listened to song of theirs at the moment is Caress your soul. For those wondering what there tune are like in the words of the STIFI website “If the Clash, Pink Floyd and Arctic Monkeys are three beads of sweat that meet rolling down your back, Sticky Fingers are there licking it up.”

WATCHING// I recently watched Breaking the Waves, the 1996 Lars von Trier film and loved it so much I had to watch it again. Like immediately. In typical Lars fashion, it’s pretty dark, but there are these amazing joyful moments that make me want to sing out, and then others that are just horrifically sad. I won’t say too much, but highly recommend! 

The other day I watched the movie What If starring good old Daniel Radcliffe. It’s basically boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, but girl has a boyfriend. It’s super cute and a really great light watch if you’re not in the mood for anything too heavy.
Also (because I’m sneaky I’m going to mention two movies) I just re-watched Love Actually. That movie is so top notch, especially at Christmas. I actually love it (haha see what I did there?). It also cemented my love for Hugh Grant and his adorable British accent.

READING// I am currently reading Stoner: A Novel by John Williams, and am loving every moment of it. Originally published in 1965, the novel has only recently established itself as an American classic, and deserves every word of praise it has received over the past couple of years. The story is a simple one, following the rather ordinary  life of the title character, as he goes to college, marries the wrong woman, and eventually, quietly, dies. The writing is so so SO beautiful, I just can’t stop reading/crying/feeling everything. 

Now my books a little different to Jessicas but I want to mention it because it’s having a pretty major impact on my life. It’s called The Fastlane Millionaire by MJ DeMarco (I just realised him and Jessica’s singer crush have super similar names!). Anyway, I’ve never read a businessy, motivational book before but this one was actually really great. I’m on the brink of a pretty major life decision at the moment and as the worlds worst decision maker it gave me some much needed aid. It also reinforced the importance of time and how not many of us really use all of ours to its full potential. So now I’m making a conscious effort to not waste my time with too many things that aren’t going to help me in life (I say this after I just binge watched a whole tv series in one week!).

WEARING// I am still head over heels (heels, feet, shoes, hehe) for my RM Williams boots. I swear they go with everything. Because I enjoy looking like a farmer 110% of the time. 

I think my favourite thing to wear at the moment is my Daisy Pandora ring. It was an out of the blue pressie that wasn’t for anything from my boyf which was really sweet. Especially because we’re not even really into gift giving on anniversary’s or anything. I actually almost lost it last night on some slightly drunken escapades and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to find something in my life as I was this morning.

EATING// In an attempt at being a slightly healthier vegetarian and getting my nails to grow/hair to shine/weird sleeping patterns under control, I’ve become a fan of the rainbow bowl. Basically I pre-cook a bunch of veggies, brown rice, and beans at the start of the week then mix and match them with fresh vegetables, lots of greens, good fats (seeds, nuts, avocado yum omg!!), and some sort of tasty dressing (lemon juice is always good). Sa nutritious, vair delicious. 

Just to be completely opposite to Jess I’m actually having a real thing for pulled pork lately. The chef that works at the cafe where I work loves to cook with it and its soo tasty. Plus portein etc. My favourite combo is bbq pulled pork and zucchini rissoles.

xx Ruby & Jess

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