Dressing for Comfort

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I know that I’m always harping on about dressing for comfort, but it really is central to my deciding on an outfit. I spend the majority of my time either walking around aimlessly or writing/reading with a cup of tea, and I’d rather enjoy both activities without worry or wedgie (jeans! G-strings! Gah!!)

Recently I’ve taken my pursuit of comfiness to the next level, living in baggy-on-baggy, bag lady silhouettes. A huge thanks to normcore, Gorman, and the Olsen twins for allowing me to feel trendy in shoes reserved for grandparents and sacks reserved for potatoes. You guys are the best!

Above I am lounging about in a black K-Mart tee (size 28 from the plus-size section. Doubles as a dress!), a thrifted bronze column skirt, and my trusty pair of Birkenstock Arizonas. The scarf is my mum’s from who-knows-where.

Have a lovely lazy day!

Jess xx



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