Disposable Fun

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angie hats Jess and I jess stance Jess savers sweet potato

What’s more fun than a good old disposable camera? Probably nothing I’d say. I miss the days of waiting until your film’s developed to find out if any of your pictures actually even worked. And even when half of them aren’t even worth developing I still don’t really mind that much. It’s worth it for those few that are.

Now I know you can get any digital photo printed these days, most people probably don’t even see the need to do that anymore, but I love having hard copies of the images and digital photo quality just isn’t the same as film. One of my favourite things to do at my parents house is go through the photo box. It’s literally a giant box of memories and I feel like it’s something that’s becoming less and less common. Sure we can all scroll through each others Facebook albums and Instagram pages but it’s no where near as much fun.

Reliving the happy times from my childhood through all the photos my parents took and home videos that they made is so special to me and I pity those that aren’t able to have that experience. So, I’m keeping the dream alive. Above are some of my more recent adventures with Jess that include going to savers and buying hats to eating sweet potatoes and lounging in the park.

Do you ever use disposable cameras?

xx Ruby

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