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How do you spend your Christmas?

We thought we’d take a moment to talk you through our personal Christmas traditions and to listen to yours. Comment below, we would love to hear your stories!



Jessica: While in the past have always travelled north to spend Christmas with family, for the last few years we have celebrated with friends instead. Our closest family friends live on this amazing property up in the Byron hinterland- it’s a hobby farm, with cattle, a creek, and the occasional koala. The house itself is beautifully decorated house (like something out of a magazine!), with lush tropical garden and a pool overlooking rolling hills. My family stays in the refurbished bails, which really are the perfect place to relax and write. We have a very relaxed Christmas schedule revolving around food. We open presents in the morning over breakfast (cereal!) and second breakfast (mushrooms and croissants!), before spending the day swimming, cooking, having dance offs with the kids, and exploring the farm. Lunch is the main meal of the day- we usually have a lot of salad and seafood, something typically festive (turkey or ham), then some sort of fruity, cold dessert (cassata, trifle, or pavlova). It’s just a really chill time dedicated to getting chubby and sun-kissed.



Ruby : My number one Christmas tradition is that my three siblings and I all sleep in the one room on Christmas Eve so that we can all wake up together. Then we open the pressies and have a light breakfast. After that it’s down to the beach for a swim. Lunch time comes post beach as we’ve usually worked off our breakfast by then and are all starving! After lunch comes one of my favourtie parts. Beach volleyball. Three on three, winner takes all. To be honest we’re all pretty terrible at it and get way too excited when we get a rally going but it’s always so much fun. Plus it makes me feel a little less guilty about all the food Ive consumed throughout the day.

We hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow whatever it is you get up to.

All our love

Ruby & Jessica

The Author

A fashion blog founded on friendship.


  1. This is such a lovely post idea! It’s so interesting to think every person has particular Christmas traditions that might be so uncommon to others. Merry Christmas!


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