Rainy Day in Brisvegas

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On a rainy day in Brisbane (affectionately known as Brisvegas), Jack, Deano, and I headed to the Gallery of Modern Art.

While I am not overly familiar with the city of Brisbane and it’s charming aspects, I am a big fan of the cultural hub stretching along South Bank. Walking along the river, one can stop to see a show at the performing arts centre (we saw The Lion King!! Amaze!), before chatting with dinosaurs at the museum, getting educated at the state library, and stopping in at the art gallery.

I’ve become a bit of a Japanophile of late, what with my currently planning a trip to Japan, so I was very pleased to find the Future Beauty exhibit. Featuring garments and runway footage from the past 30 years of Japanese fashion, the exhibition combined my interests perfectly. I’m also a massive Comme des Garcons fan, so it was really exciting seeing pieces from their past collections, and issues of their magazine, Six.

Jack and I also had a great time exploring the free exhibits. We were particularly fascinated by Yayoi Kusama’s installation piece, Soul under the moon. Check out the photos above to see how freaking cool it was!

If you ever find yourself in Brisvegas on a rainy day, I’d highly recommend heading to GOMA. You won’t be disappointed.


Jess xx




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