Month: January 2015

The Secret Language of Birthdays

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Life / Wellbeing

Hey guys! How the bloody hell are ya? Sorry about our recent absence. It was my 21st birthday on Wednesday, so we took a week out to do an appropriate amount of celebrating- much beer, such restaurant, all the fun. I’m a little wiser, a great deal poorer, and just feeling very loved and happy, having spent seven days in the company of my best friends. Photos of my official birthday celebrations will be up […]

Fijian Escape

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I just spent the last week in Fiji with one of my closest friends and despite having to deal with the difficult decision of what to do in 2015, I am happy to say that it was rather lovely and relaxing. Plus I managed to return more tan than I’ve been in a long while. It was my first time in Fiji and even though the weather could’ve been a tad better (it is rainy season […]

My Morning Routine

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Happenings / Life / Wellbeing

^^ Reasons to get up: sunrise over the Byron lighthouse ^^ Today I thought I’d take you through my morning routine. Since saying hello to the new year, I’ve really made an effort to embrace those early hours of the day and I’m absolutely loving it. So how do I make the most of the AM? Get up with the sunrise. I have been setting my alarm for 5.30, though my body clock usually wakes me […]

Fashion on Film: The Dreamers

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Fashion / Film

Sorry for the excessive number of images, but my love for this film is excessive- I don’t think I could ever tire of Bertolucci’s The Dreamers and all it’s visual appeal… Parisian fashion circa 1968, passionate student protests, an insatiable love for the art of film, the best music of all time, young lovers making eyes at each other, dinner with the family, cigarettes, dishes piled high, coloured tents, Eva Green’s unworldy beauty, Michael Pitt’s Sex God […]

Sibling Love

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If I had to label myself as one thing, it would probably have to be a proud sibling. I take way too much enjoyment from talking my brother and two sisters up, and never miss an opportunity to tell people how amazing all three of them are. My littlest sister Lily (a vegetarian 14 year old who doesn’t eat sugar) is particularly easy to boast about as her lifestyle and work to save the environment are […]

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there! We hope you had as fab a night as we did; we drank a few too many Moscow Mules, kissed a couple of strangers, lost our voices screaming the countdown, and boogied until our bums hurt (dancing = more fun than squats)… yes, we’re covered in mystery bruises, and yes, the first day of the year was spent curled up on the couch with a headache […]