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If I had to label myself as one thing, it would probably have to be a proud sibling. I take way too much enjoyment from talking my brother and two sisters up, and never miss an opportunity to tell people how amazing all three of them are.

My littlest sister Lily (a vegetarian 14 year old who doesn’t eat sugar) is particularly easy to boast about as her lifestyle and work to save the environment are quite inspirational. On my recent trip home to Lennox Head not a day went by where we weren’t down on our local beach picking up rubbish. Lily coambs the beach, collecting the trash, from plastic bags to tiny tiny pieces of plastic. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff you find. In the last week, we picked up about ten pairs of sunnies, a pair of Birkenstock sandals and a brand new GoPro! And for the record Lily doesn’t keep the valuable things, she puts up signs and returns them to the owners.

On top of this Lily then sorts through the rubbish and logs it all! The pictures above are some artworks she has made using only things she’s found on the beach. The top one won her a prize at the Byron Bay Surfing Festival.

Lily’s outstanding knowledge on conservation (particularly marine) and all things oceanic has influenced my entire family’s lifestyle and she’s now moving onto her school and the wider community. She has created an environmental subject at school that is allowing her the opportunity to implement much needed changes , with things such as reducing the amount of palm oil in the canteen.

She’s just recently created a Facebook called ‘Lennox Head Beach Cleaners’ to help educate the locals, and encourage a cleaner and more conscious lifestyle. Everyone should jump on and check it out! I guarantee you’ll learn a new fact or two.

And next time youre at the beach, take three for the sea. Who knows, you might even save a turtle.

xx Ruby

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  1. Holy moly what an inspirational girl, and she’s only 14! It’s so wonderful to see people so passionate about the environment, good on you Lily!
    x Erin


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