Fashion on Film: The Dreamers

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Fashion / Film

dreamer1 dreamer6 dreamer29 dreamer26 dreamer22 dreamer23 dreamer21 dreamer2 dreamer12 dreamer14 dreamer15 dreamer18dreamer20

Sorry for the excessive number of images, but my love for this film is excessive- I don’t think I could ever tire of Bertolucci’s The Dreamers and all it’s visual appeal…

Parisian fashion circa 1968, passionate student protests, an insatiable love for the art of film, the best music of all time, young lovers making eyes at each other, dinner with the family, cigarettes, dishes piled high, coloured tents, Eva Green’s unworldy beauty, Michael Pitt’s Sex God ways…

Seriously, it’s all just so darn lovely. And the clothes are just so darn nice!

Highly recommend!

Jess xx

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