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^^ Reasons to get up: sunrise over the Byron lighthouse ^^

Today I thought I’d take you through my morning routine. Since saying hello to the new year, I’ve really made an effort to embrace those early hours of the day and I’m absolutely loving it.

So how do I make the most of the AM?

Get up with the sunrise. I have been setting my alarm for 5.30, though my body clock usually wakes me up a couple of minutes earlier. I don’t hurry the getting up process, aiming to be out of bed by 6am- I stretch a little, think about the day, then make that extra bit of effort to make my bed… the habit has finally stuck after 20 years of negligence!

Oil pulling. This is a new practice that I have adopted since become interested in Ayurveda. It involves swishing oil around your mouth for 20 minutes… which sounds a bit icky, but is totally bearable once you get used to it. I use coconut oil and keep myself distracted by looking out the window at all that glorious sunrise. I’ll also often get out my diary and work out what needs to be done in the day/what I would like to achieve. You can read more about the benefits of oil pulling here.

Hydrate. I am always super thirsty upon waking, so, after oil pulling,  I like to drink a couple of glasses of room temperature water, before making up my favourite morning drink: hot water with lemon, ginger, ground turmeric, and a little honey. So, so delicious and warming!

Stretch. I did ballet for 15 years and have therefore always been fairly flexible. Since moving to Melbourne- and putting dancing on hold- this flexibility has all but disappeared. This year I’m aiming to get back to where I was via a twice-daily stretching session. I have a big book of yoga asanas so I spend about 30 minutes working through my favourite postures, mixing them up with stretches I have learnt through dancing.

Eat. I’m a three-meals-a-day kind of gal, so I tend to eat pretty substantial portions. Lately I’ve been opting for a breakfast omelette with mushrooms, kale, cherry tomatoes, and red onion, though I am transitioning back into veganism having been neglectful over the past couple of months. If you have any good, hearty vegan breakfast options, please share below!

Shower and Ayurvedic massage. After a leisurely breakfast (one of the perks of getting up so early!), I get ready for the day with an Ayurvedic self-massage, again using coconut oil. Check out this link for a great tutorial. I then shower as per usual, slap on some jojoba oil, and get dressed for the day feeling fresh, happy, and purposeful. RESULT!

I’m officially a morning person! Are you?

Jess xx

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  1. sweetaboutmexx says

    Your routine sounds so peaceful. That would take so much discipline.
    I hope to be in a routine like that one day soon. At the moment it’s all a chaotic rush to get to work for 9-5 grind.
    Thank you for sharing :)


    • I’ve only been doing this for a fortnight, but yes it’s going well. It is tough with the whole 9-5 thing, but that’s actually what motivated me to start getting up earlier- I want to take my time in the mornings and prepare for the big day ahead :) Thanks a million for stopping by xx


  2. sustainableandthecity says

    I absolutely LOVE getting up early! Lately I’ve been riding my bike to yoga then coming home to drink lots of water, have a nice shower and listen to the news on the radio while I have a cup of coffee and make some muesli. Unfortunately I can’t do this though when I have work as I have to leave just after 6.30am! How good is jojoba oil too? I’ve never tried oil pulling but have been hearing about it everywhere lately, very intrigued!


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