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I just spent the last week in Fiji with one of my closest friends and despite having to deal with the difficult decision of what to do in 2015, I am happy to say that it was rather lovely and relaxing. Plus I managed to return more tan than I’ve been in a long while.

It was my first time in Fiji and even though the weather could’ve been a tad better (it is rainy season though so who am I to complain) it was the perfect little escape from reality. Our resort was on an island and I basically just ate, tanned and swam my life away for a week. The only slightly downfall is that once you arrive at the resort you don’t really have to leave, as they have everything you could ever need. Which is convenient but rather less of an adventure than I generally look for on my holidays. So I didn’t get to explore Fiji but we did still meet some of the beautiful locals and learn a bit of the language.

So, here’s my top tips for poolside pondering about what to do with your life :

  • Lather yourself with some coconut scented tanning oil so you always smell amazing.  I was using my BaliBody, which is pictured above, as it’s 100% natural plus nice and hydrating. Please note: when I say lather, I only mean put it on so you smell nice and then go ahead and cover yourself in sunscreen because no body likes getting sunburnt!
  • Discuss your ideas with two friends who have opposing personalities, too ensure you cover all bases. In my case I had one slightly more sensible vs the ever so persuasive Jessica, who has a bit more of a wild heart.
  • When your brain gets so full and muddled go and take a swim in the ocean. The salt water always fixes everything for me.
  • Have your ipod at the ready. The right song can help you get pumped up about something, change your mood or just give you that little bit of inspiration you need.

Returning to the Melbourne weather was hard but I’m all rested and ready to tackle whatever it is that 2015 throws at me.

xx Ruby.

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