The Secret Language of Birthdays

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Hey guys!

How the bloody hell are ya?

Sorry about our recent absence. It was my 21st birthday on Wednesday, so we took a week out to do an appropriate amount of celebrating- much beer, such restaurant, all the fun. I’m a little wiser, a great deal poorer, and just feeling very loved and happy, having spent seven days in the company of my best friends. Photos of my official birthday celebrations will be up soonish, I’ve just got to finish this roll of film.


Today I thought I’d write about one of my birthday presents, gifted to me by my wonderful housemate, Meg. She bought me The Secret Language of Birthdays, a book that I’ve always loved; I remember being fascinated by my Aunt and Uncle’s copy as a kid. After discovering the Secret Language app earlier this year, Meg, who’s family also owned the classic, and I have become pretty obsessed with it- we can spend hours in the lounge room reading the personality traits of friends, family members, and politicians (highly recommend reading Tony Abbot’s birthday!)

For those unfamiliar with this glorious book, it is described as a “complete personology guide for each day of the year”. Basically there is a page for every birth date, complete with personality profiles, advice, mantras, physical health guides, tarot, and gorgeous illustrations. It all sounds a bit wanky, but is actually really fascinating- so far I have found the guides to be crazy accurate and helpful. Mine is definitely on point, and has made me reconsider my once cynical view of all things spiritual. I now find myself reading weekly horoscopes and believing in them! Say whaaaattt.

If you ever come across a copy of The Secret Language of Birthdays (probably in the spiritual section of a dingy second hand bookstore), definitely give it a chance. Even if you’re profile isn’t as convincing as mine, the book makes for great conversation!

For an easier option, check out the app/website:

All the love,

Jess xx

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