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In an attempt to live in the cleanest, most natural, and environmentally conscious way possible, I recently overhauled my beauty routine. Granted it was never overly elaborate, what with my being a total novice in all things cosmetic- I’ve always preferred playing the fashion model over playing the beautician.

I’m not sure if it has to do with this change in beauty products or if it’s reflective of my age (at 21 I am no longer a pimply adolescent), but in the past six months or so my skin has become the best it has ever been. It is clear, balanced, soft, and without the rashes and irritations I used to battle. Basically, this whole natural beauty thang is doing wonders, if these results are anything to go by.

So what do I do on the daily?

I wash my face and neck with a cleanser from Kora Organics. I have extremely sensitive skin and have therefore had a lot of issues finding a cleanser, but this seems to do the trick. I then moisturise morning and night with jojoba oil, which feels amazing once you get past the whole ‘but oil clogs pores??’ thing. Around three times a week I’ll exfoliate, again with a product by Kora.

As a nature lover, sun protection is without a doubt the most important step in my daily beauty routine. While I think it’s best to cover up in a hat, sunnies, and appropriate clothing, a natural sunscreen (with physical blockers like zinc oxide rather than chemicals) is still an essential under this Australian sun. I use the 30+ SPF daily shield face sunscreen by neo Australia on my face (it is light and works well under make-up), and the classic Wotnot 30+ on my body.

Make-up wise I do very little- I am so comfortable with my skin these days that I just don’t feel I need much in the way of cosmetics. If I am going out or my skin is looking a little uneven, I’ll use the 15+ SPF BB cream from Natio. Mascara is the only make-up product I am rarely seen without- I’ve recently started using a more natural option by Ere Perez.

As a body wash I love any of the pure castile soaps by Dr. Brenner’s. They last for ages and smell amazing (I’m currently using the peppermint which offers a particularly invigorating start to the morning). To moisturise and complete my daily Ayurvedic self-massage, I use coconut oil. I also like to use it when shaving: I just rub it on like moisturiser, and shave, rinsing the razor occasionally in warm water. When I’m done, I just shower as per usual.

And there you have it! As I said, it’s all very simple, but that’s how I like it- I want to spend my time outdoors exploring, not chained to my bathroom mirror, concealing spots.

If you have any natural beauty tips or products you swear by, please let me know!

Jess xx

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