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A cute tea date and blogging brainstorm at Jessica’s favourite local spot, Travelling Samovar.

The tea house owners, Bec and Pascale, are so friendly and accommodating, allowing us to sit around for hours enjoying the sunny courtyard and two teas from the list of many- we went with a classic English Breakfast and Moroccan Mint, both of which were especially divine when paired with a flourless nutmeg and walnut cake. The lovely ladies are also full of interesting information about the teas they live to share, their passion reflected in their extensive knowledge. Drinking tea, with all its intricacies in flavour and different rituals, is such a beautiful experience, and Travelling Samovar Tea House is a beautiful place to give it a try.

If you’re ever in Melbourne, please head to Rathdowne Village, Carlton, and have a chat, a learn, and a drink. You won’t regret it!

All the love,

Jess and Ruby xx

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