Current Obsessions: February

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Favourites / Life

LISTENING// Jess: After this month’s release of new track Multi-Love, I’ve been obsessed with Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Ruby: I’ve been getting into Allday recently, my favourite song of his at the moment is probably Right Now.

WATCHING// My housemates and I have been working our way through a list of the most disturbing films of all time (most recently Salo and Matyrs)- an unpleasant yet somewhat satisfying process. I’ve been going through a war movie phase so Fury is definitely on the top of my list. Love a bit of Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf.

READING// This month I’ve been obsessed with lifestyle guide Hippie in the City by Rita Balshaw. Whilst packing up my room to move I found my copy of Perks or Being A Wallflower and am getting back into that.

WEARING// There’s been a lot of rain these past couple of weeks, so I’ve been carrying my Gorman raincoat around at all times. Due to the lack of Summer weather my khaki jacket has become re-attached to my waist for when it cools down.

EATING// Pomegranates are my new favourite sweet treat- so delicious, so fun to eat, and so incredible looking. The other day I made baked oats with banana, chia seeds and berries and it was sooo delicious!

All the love

Jess and Ruby xx

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