Month: May 2015

New York, New York

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Adventures / Happenings

   New York was truly one of a kind. Travelling around, sometimes all the cities can start to look the same, but not this one. The buildings were taller, the pretzels bigger, and the lights brighter. Below are some of my favourite places I visited in the Big Apple… Times Square was unreal! People tell you this city never sleeps, but actually being there at midnight surrounded by hundreds of people is a completely different experience. […]

What Jess Wore 001

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Fashion / Personal Style

Today I played Lady of the Manor, lazing about in an admittedly casual attempt at evening wear. Sometimes it’s nice getting dressed up to do nothing, especially in these colder months when we tend to stay in more. I picked up this gorgeous bra from Free People. It’s so cute, with these fancy extra bits to spruce up necklines. The dress is a favourite op-shop find -smooth, suedey, and just the right amount of sexy-, […]

Friends Who Know Things + Ethical Fashion

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Fashion / Personal Style / Thoughts

I’ve always been a bit out the loop. I didn’t get a phone until I was 19, I still can’t drive, and I once rocked up at a friend’s house for her 21st only to find that it was being held at a restaurant… I’m vague, a dreamer, my head either in the clouds or in a book, missing out on everything at eye level. I haven’t watched the news in months, catching only the […]

Free People May 2015

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Fashion / Inspiration

It’s not often that I lament my lack of savings- I am freakishly comfortable with second hand shoes, vegetable soup, and Saturday nights spent in. That said, my wallet starts to feel a little too thin whenever Free People reveal a new collection. Their latest offering is no exception- the gorgeous campaign, which features one of my all time favourite cool girls, Dree Hemingway, has me on a frantic room search for long lost $50 notes, all […]

Hola From Mexico!

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Apologies for the lack of updates from overseas! Who knew one could be so busy whilst travelling! I’ve uploaded some of my photos from a few of the amazing places I’ve visited in Mexico. It has been an absolute dream so far. After spending two weeks in LA without swimming at the beach I was so ready for some sea-salty fun and Mexico did not disappoint. An island we visited called Isla Mujeres (which translates to the […]