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Apologies for the lack of updates from overseas! Who knew one could be so busy whilst travelling!
I’ve uploaded some of my photos from a few of the amazing places I’ve visited in Mexico. It has been an absolute dream so far.

After spending two weeks in LA without swimming at the beach I was so ready for some sea-salty fun and Mexico did not disappoint. An island we visited called Isla Mujeres (which translates to the island of women) was picture perfect as you can see from above. Crystal clear waters and sunshine for miles. We made some British friends who had a boat (they’d dropped all responsibilities to sail in Guatemala), so we got to pretend to be pirates of the Caribbean for a day.

Food-wise, I’d probably say the yummiest thing I’ve eaten here so far is the Churros. It was 25 Mexican pesos (which is about $2 Australian) for a big bag of the cinnamon sugared delights. They were to die for! We’ve been eating a fair bit of street food and we found the cutest little old lady who made killer empanadas.

I haven’t done much shopping as of yet but I did buy a wonderfully colourful skirt which I shall hopefully do an outfit post with soon!

I’m off to Chicago next, I’ll try and keep you updated! I’ve been instagram-ing, so for visuals of my adventures, head over there.

All the love,

Ruby xx

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