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New York was truly one of a kind. Travelling around, sometimes all the cities can start to look the same, but not this one. The buildings were taller, the pretzels bigger, and the lights brighter. Below are some of my favourite places I visited in the Big Apple…

Times Square was unreal! People tell you this city never sleeps, but actually being there at midnight surrounded by hundreds of people is a completely different experience. The stores are still open (all four lovely H&M stores!) and everyone just seems to continue with their day, unfazed by time. They even did a midnight display featuring Andy Warhol’s screen tests on some of the huge screens around the square.

Central Park was nature in all it’s glory- lush and green with endless sunshine. I could lie there all day listening to the buskers play their funky little tunes and soaking up the warmth.

One of my favourite places was the New York Public Library. There was so much marble and so much beauty. I felt like I was walking in the halls of bloody Pemberley- all I needed was my Mr. Darcy (lol sorry boyf). It was defintely another place I could spend the day exploring. Even just sitting in one of the rooms, scribbling in my journal, made me feel more creative than ever!

A few other places I enjoyed were the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, and shopping on 5th Avenue. And the Urban Outfitters stores were insanely cute!

I can tell you one thing, old mate Frank Sinatra was not wrong- I really do want to be a part of it!

Much love from abroad,

Ruby xx

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