Month: June 2015

What Jess Wore 003

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Fashion / Personal Style

I’m busy being ill (again!), dragging myself from the doctors to the chemist to bed. I don’t know what’s going on with my health- hopefully it all comes down to the Melbourne winter and not something more frightening… fingers crossed! In happier news, I’m going back to university in July to study archaeology! Random, I know, but I’ve come to realise that we’re in the generation of multiple careers, so I may as well YOLO […]

Canadian Scenery

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Life / Places

Greetings Lovelies! A million apologies for the absence but the last few weeks I’ve been settling into my new home in Whistler, Canada and soaking up the British Columbian beauty.  The nature I’m surrounded by is unlike anything I’ve ever had the opportunity to live in before. I’ve had the farm with endless eucalyptus trees, koalas and rolling fields. I’ve had the ocean, sand and salty air; and now it’s time to explore pines and […]

What Jess Wore 002

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Fashion / Personal Style

Here’s another post for you! Because it’s holidays and because it’s raining and because I just went and got a new dress. Yay woop purchases woohooh! This cute kimono style dress, done in a white dobby fabric, was from a newish addition to Byron Bay’s fashion offerings, South of the Border. I’ve been following the store on instagram for a while now, so it was great to see one opening up back home. They had […]

Home in Photos

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Happenings / Home / Places

Hi guys! Long time, little chat. I’ve been busy busy busy working and playing and going to the Blue Mountains (more on that to come!) and have therefore been vair slack with le blog. Now I’m home in the Northern Rivers and while the weather isn’t as delightful as I had hoped (rainy, windy, but still nice and warm!), I am so happy to have some time to sit around, relax, and write- especially in […]