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Hi guys!

Long time, little chat. I’ve been busy busy busy working and playing and going to the Blue Mountains (more on that to come!) and have therefore been vair slack with le blog.

Now I’m home in the Northern Rivers and while the weather isn’t as delightful as I had hoped (rainy, windy, but still nice and warm!), I am so happy to have some time to sit around, relax, and write- especially in an environment as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as this!

My mum is a Home Beautiful subscriber, avid garage saler, and thrice-a-year redecorater. The woman has taste and as a result our house is pretty darn pretty!

This trip she sees to have gone for a classy Californian theme, circa 1958 perhaps?

Lots of love from a good looking couch, Jess xx

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