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Greetings Lovelies!

A million apologies for the absence but the last few weeks I’ve been settling into my new home in Whistler, Canada and soaking up the British Columbian beauty.  The nature I’m surrounded by is unlike anything I’ve ever had the opportunity to live in before. I’ve had the farm with endless eucalyptus trees, koalas and rolling fields. I’ve had the ocean, sand and salty air; and now it’s time to explore pines and rocks and mountains!


Being in this new environment is actually more exciting than I expected. I wake up to snow capped mountains and what looks like endless forest from my bedroom window. Im lucky enough to have a huge expanse to explore right behind my house. It makes me feel like a little kid again. I just want to run and see what’s around the next corner and over the next fallen log.


The semi-scary part is I’m officially in bear country!! I’ve been told their quite used to having people around but as much as i want to see a little cub, I know that mumma bear won’t be too happy about me being there. Everytime we go walking it makes me think of a book I used to read as a kid “We’re going on a Bear Hunt.”


Apart from the bears there’s other cute as wildlife. Little squirrels run around and bunny rabbits hopping their lives way. I don’t think Im very likely to get sick of this place. It’s such an exciting transformation from summer to winter that I have so much to look forward to!


Much love from Canada,

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