The Dream House

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This week I’m stuck at home with a virus and Netflix to keep me company.

I’m only a few days into my prescribed bed rest and I am already going crazy- trashy TV gets old very quickly, even when it’s the best on offer (Pretty Little Liars! The Vampire Diaries! Reign!) I’ve made batch after batch of vegetable soup and then sweet potato brownies, read a stack of magazines and 60 pages of Steppenwolf, tried on every outfit possibility in my overflowing wardrobe, and, when all of the above failed to keep be sane, daydreamed of the house  I might have one day.

It will be bigger than this apartment, but not too big, with high ceilings and lived-in floorboards, the wine-stained, paint splattered sort. The windows will be forever open, flooding the house with light and fresh air, bringing the expansive garden inside- the mango tree, the sunflowers, the veggie patch, and the couple of chickens roaming the yard. There will be giant, intricate Persian rugs, heavily embellished Indian wall hangings, and shelves of Japanese ceramics, all collected during my travels, from which I will also build a vast collection of books to showcase and read and love throughout the house. Plants will be essential, with freshly cut natives smiling out of old Bonsoy cartons and bottles, dried flowers acting as art along hallway walls, and alien succulents dangling from macrame hangers. The house will be full of colour and detail and thought, but it will be casual, liveable, a place where you can roller-skate inside, let candle wax drip onto the floor boards, and have an indoor dog, cat, and maybe a rabbit too.

Until then I’ll keep on dreaming, studying, working, and coughing… hopefully that last one won’t be a pass-time for long!

All photos were taken from my home inspo pinterest board.

Lots of love,

Jessica xx

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  1. Loved the pics of your dream home. So pretty. Also you can always watch Greys, gossip girl, or one tree hill on Netflix lol.


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