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My health is finally starting to look up after nearly a week of bed rest, refreshing nature walks, and ridiculous amounts of vegetable soup. Thank goodness for this return to wellness- life is about to get very busy, I can’t afford to be rundown.

Just two more weeks of work work work, then I’m off to Cairns for some much needed vitamin D, before returning home to start university. I’m going to be studying archaeology and have already hyped myself up via dozens of books on archaeology/Rome/Greece/Turkey- give it three years and I’ll hopefully be rediscovering ancient civilizations in one of these beautiful places.

Until then I’ll keep up with the study and the work and the fashion obsession. Above I’m wearing a white t-shirt (brand unknown), a Gorman tulip skirt, my RM Williams (currently away being repaired), and a vintage Quicksilver jacket borrowed from my brother. It’s super comfy and so easy to style… I’m tempted to extend this loan indefinitely.

Hope you’re well,

Jess xx

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    yay! it’s great that you’re feeling better :) you look beautiful too <3 thesartorialcoquette.com instagram: the_ch1ara


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