How to: Feel Healthy When Your Feeling Like Shit

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I am finally starting to feel well again after nearly a week of being extra careful to take care of myself.

In the last couple of months I’ve fallen out of my healthy-ish daily routine, trading early morning yoga for some extra cuddling time and my home-cooked meals for dinner, drinks, and late nights of live music. This lifestyle, while rewarding on a social level, has wreaked havoc on my body, with my trifling yet persistent cold peaking this week: a croaky voice, bleeding tonsils, and fever have forced me into 7 days of bed rest.

While this past week has been painful for both my body and my wallet (I’m missing so much work wah!!), it has also been a big wake up call. I have spent the past seven days nursing myself back to health with natural remedies and re-adopting some of my former healthy habits. I thought I’d put together a bit of a list for you so here goes!

Get enough sleep. I have a hard time admitting that I’m tired, but this week I really focused on getting substantial snooze time. I made sure to switch off all the screens in my life (TV, phone, computer) at least an hour before bed, and popped the heater on to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. I also set up a pile of extra blankets next to my bed, just in case, and used a hot water bottle as a boyf substitute. I find it really difficult to sleep with light, so I made sure the curtains were closed- this also helped to keep some of Melbourne’s winter iciness out!

Eat nourishing foods. While it’s tempting to turn to chocolate pudding and ice-cream, I’ve found that healthier, nourishing foods are more helpful in one’s recovery from illness. I made a huge batch of vegetable and legume soup to keep me warm throughout the week, and stocked up on fresh fruit and veg for snacks. I did delve into the tasty world of comfort food as well, making a batch of delicious sweet potato brownies complete with coconut mylk chocolate chunks. Yuuuuum.

Get outdoors. As satisfyingly gross as it is to wallow in illness in front of Netflix, I find that getting outside in nature is very helpful in regaining health and maintaining sanity. A friend encouraged me to leave my couch for an hour or so a day, taking me on (very rugged up!) walks along the creek. Seeing that there was life outside my cage of sickness was motivation enough to commit to getting well.

Stay connected. Following on from the point above, I think that staying social and connected was integral to my recovery and to my remaining sane. Talking to my friends online and my parents on the phone kept me from feeling too sorry for myself and from falling completely out of my normal daily routine. It’s easy to get caught up in self-pity when you’re feeling like shit, but it can turn into this horrible cycle of down-in-the-dumps-ness, which really can’t be good for your mental or physical health.

Boost your immune system. I’ve been so run down over the past 6 months, battling a couple of bouts of tonsillitis and other glamorous health problems (woohooh for UTIs). As a result I’ve taken a few too many courses of antibiotics and my body has been chastising me for it. This week I made a real effort to boost my immune system via both foods and vitamin/mineral supplements. Here’s a bit of a look into my illness-fighting tool kit:

  • Zinc
  • Echinacea
  • Vitamin C (those chewable orange tablets remind me of my childhood!)
  • Olive leaf extract (actually so tasty diluted in some warm water- like an earthy cup of tea)
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Miso soup with seaweed, garlic, and chilli (YUM!)
  • Grated fresh ginger and turmeric, mixed with active manuka honey and eaten off the spoon (my favourite thing to eat when I feel a cold coming on! So good!)

I am so happy to be back on my feet again! Hope you’re all staying healthy and flu-free in this ridiculously cold couple of weeks.

All the love,


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