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Another outfit post on a day too sunny to stay indoors.

I spent the morning sipping chai at The Merri Table, a cafe based in my favourite Brunswick destination, CERES environmental park- if you’re ever in the area check it out. There are chooks, veggies, a market full of fresh produce, plus lots of school uniform clad kids running around , learning about sustainability.

Now I’m sitting on the balcony, getting organised for university and listening to the Serial podcast. It’s so gripping and addictive. It also provides a great soundtrack to my new project: learning to knit. More on that later…

Okay, so to the outfit. These two pieces are probably my favourite thrifted buys ever– I keep coming back to them, over and over. I love the 1970s zig zag patterns on both garments, as well as the boldly feminine colours of the skirt (before buying this, pink was a no-go for me… now I can’t get enough of it!) It’s also quite Gorman-esque in feel, which is always a plus.

Hope you’re having a brilliant day!

All the love,


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