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I want to learn to create again, just for the sake of creating.

When I was younger I would write story after story, my head always full of ideas that needed to be expressed on paper. I would draw too, despite my mediocrity as an artist, doodling away on any surface available- school books, scrap paper, magazines, even the occasional desk. In high school I turned to photography, carrying my beloved Canon DSLR everywhere, documenting every party and seaside picnic, every daggy house and cute elderly couple.

At some point, I’m not sure when exactly, this habitual creativity came to a terrible halt. I couldn’t pick up a pencil without becoming distracted, I put my camera into storage, I even stopped referring to myself as a ‘writer’, a title I had always felt at one with. I say couldn’t and stopped, but I really should be talking in the now. I am presently suffering the biggest creative block of my 21 years.

For some reason, I have begun to over-complicate the creative process, telling myself I’m not good enough, convincing myself that there is no worth in creating something for fun,  acting as though I always need an appreciative audience. I can’t write beautiful, funny, honest words, because I’ve lost my voice to insecurity. I can’t sketch the outfits of passers-by because I’m scared that somebody will peer over my shoulder and think that I’m just playing the artist… I know, it’s ridiculous, as if  they even care!

My goal for this month is to reclaim my creativity. I want to be comfortable doing things simply because I enjoy them. I want to rediscover my writers voice. I want to dust off my camera and capture all those interesting moments. I want to draw with only one audience in mind: me.

I think the best way to attack a project like this is to get stuck into it. I’m going to immerse myself in creative practice, wherever and whenever I can. I want to get my hands making, and drawing, and writing, as much as possible. The more I practice, the more I will feel comfortable, and the more ideas will develop (hopefully some good ones that can grow into something more substantial!)

So what classifies as creative practice? I’m focusing on the following.

  1. Knitting- on the tram, in the park, whilst listening to audiobooks. It’s easy, fairly mindless, and gets the hands moving.
  2. Working with clay- pottery classes here I cooooome. I’ve always been curious about and a little intimidated by creating ceramics on a wheel, so I’m going to get out there and learn how!
  3. Drawing- sketching people (and their fabulous outfits!) on the tram, doodling in my journal, taking life drawing classes.
  4. Cooking- getting creative in the kitchen with flavours and colours and untried ingredients.
  5. Writing- journalling, short stories, longer stories, blog posts, profiles of strangers during a people watching session at the park.
  6. Photography- carrying a camera at all times to capture spontaneous beautiful moments and the fleeting beginnings of bigger ideas.

Of course, the above list is just the beginning.

How do you like to get that imagination going? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Jess xx

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  1. I’ve been in the same slump! That’s why I’m a newbie blogger. I stumbled upon your blog and immediately had to follow it.

    This post was beyond relatable. Have you heard of “Wreck this Journal” by Keri Smith? I’m about to buy one for myself, but it’s a fun way of breaking through your writer’s block.

    Good luck! :)


  2. I too would like to reclaim my creativity!! I find myself worrying about what the world will think of me if I am taking photos of something strange or what they will think of my drawing. Love this post – it speaks to me! I feel motivated to get back into it again :) Thanks Jess x


    • Hahah I’m glad somebody shared my totally irrational fear. Thanks for your kind words and good luck with getting back your grasp on creativity. Glad to have been some help xx

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