Life’s Big To-Do List

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Another wanky post about self-discovery because I’m 21 and trying to figure out my life.

Today I answered three simple questions, honestly and without hesitation, in the hope of discovering something new about myself and my goals. I found it a pretty useful, revealing exercise. Let me know if it works for you!

So what did I ask? And what did I discover?

I’m at my happiest and most inspired when I’m…

  • in nature
  • writing well and a lot
  • trawling through bookstores and op-shops
  • by the sea
  • with kids or animals or both
  • surrounded by people I love and am comfortable with
  • scrolling through instagram and the blogging world, discovering inspiring, fashionable people

I’m at my most miserable and uninspired when I’m…

  • eating just bread, too busy or lazy to cook real, nourishing meals
  • stuck indoors working or behind a computer screen
  • enduring winter’s icy winds and minimal hours of sunshine
  • thinking about the opinions of friends/lovers/acquaintances/strangers and fearing that they find me boring or tiresome
  • incapable of writing strong, funny words that I’m proud of
  • in a social situation that I am incapable of handling sober

The non-negotiables in my life plan, the things I absolutely have to do, are… 

  • hiking my way around the world’s most beautiful, remote, and rewarding places
  • becoming my own boss , whether it be in blogging, freelance writing/styling, or working behind the counter of my cafe meets bar meets bookstore
  • working as an au pair in the south of France
  • becoming 100% vegan and not being embarrassed about it
  • getting a Bachelor’s degree (at least!)
  • falling in love
  • having children and giving them a loving, exciting, healthy upbringing
  • becoming a confident yogi, swimmer, and runner
  • making reading and writing cool again- getting involved in the education of young people from backgrounds where literacy is not an deemed essential or where opportunities are scarce- would love to be a part of the Teach for Australia program or 100 Story Building
  • becoming a skilled seamstress, creating garments from beautiful fabrics collected from my travels
  • living almost entirely self-sustainably, on my own 10 acre block of land with chickens, a couple of goats, a huge vegetable garden, and my loving (and loved) family

Turns out I have a lot of things I want to do! Now I’ve just got to get out there and do them…

All the love,

Jess xx

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