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I’ve always had a great appreciation for nature, growing up on a farm and then living by the beach, but this overseas adventure has furthered my love for Mother Earth and all she has to give. It sounds funny, but it’s as if my view of the natural world has become more childish. I’m always looking at kids and envying their absolute wonderment at every little thing. Then I read something recently that said nothing but you has changed since childhood. The grass is still the same, the waves are still the same but we just begin to see them differently.
Being outdoors so much and seeing brand new landscapes has brought this feeling back for me. Everything seems more magical and beautiful than ever. The feel of the water is different, the flowers seem brighter and the trees greener. I’m so lucky to be in such an amazing place like Whistler that has so much to offer nature wise. Spontaneous camping trips, waterfalls and lakes galore.
The feeling truly set in when I went on a last minute camping trip where I had my first true sleeping under stars experience. It wasn’t set to rain that night so we didn’t put the cover on our tent which meant I got to lay down and fall asleep staring at the stars.
It was nothing short of magical. Next time you’re out and about in the wild pause, think back to your childhood, and look around you for a second- I promise you’ll be amazed.
Love love love

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