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As some of you may have seen on instagram, I recently went on a solo trip to sunny Cairns, in search of marine life, quiet time, and an acutely desired dose of vitamin D…

During my week long stay I found all of the above and more, falling in love with the sprawling town, surprised by just how much it had to offer. Yes, there were so many tourists that even Byron Bay-bred me felt overwhelmed, and yes, there was a serious number of bogans saying some seriously bogan things (though maybe that’s just these three years of Melbourne Northside living kicking in?), but after a few days of exploring I found that Cairns had a lot more going for it than initially thought.

I was surprised and very happy to discover a thriving community for those interested in natural health. Amazing health foods like coconuts and tropical fruits were the norm in a place that stays warm all year around, so I enjoyed snacking on those after a season of deprivation. I found multiple health food stores selling my beloved legumes and cacao powder in bulk, plus Rusty’s Markets provided reasonably priced fruit and veg. I attended yoga classes, made daily trips to the Night Markets for a 40 minute full body Chinese massage (only $15!!), and went on blissful walks along the Esplanade, swimming laps in the lagoon-style public pool.

It was a truly relaxing holiday that was all about getting back in touch with my body and my health- I got my body clock back to it’s old 6am start 9pm bedtime, I made up giant flavoursome salads, I snacked on passionfruit, and I spent each and every day moving in the outdoors, whether it be in the sea, bushwalking, or exploring the town by foot.

I don’t want to go on and on about how great Cairns is. Instead I thought I’d share some of my favourite things to do/places to go etc. I’ve got soooo many photos so I might put those up another day, and include a bit of a list then.

Above are some shots from my trip out to Green Island- a great option for people who are a bit freaked out by the idea of snorkelling in the middle of the ocean i.e. me. I went with Ocean Free, a family run business that kept numbers limited to 25 and used a beautiful sailing boat. The crew was amazing and I ended up getting to them very well- every one but me got seasick on the way out, so I ended up with the best staff to customer ratios on the reef…

Lots of love,

Jess xx

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